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Piled offers a complete range of services to support your business needs, including co-packing, product preparation, labeling, inspection, and more, ensuring you have everything you need to take your business to the next level.

Simplifying your product sourcing process

Growth Focused

Empower your business expansion as we seamlessly tackle the time consuming tasks on your behalf.

Quality Assurance

Rigorous, multi-faceted quality assurance process, ensuring every product meets the highest standards.

Endless Capabilities

Discover bespoke strategies designed to elevate and address your product’s unique requirements.

How the Piled process works

Order & Ship

Place the order on the Piled platform for the services required and then ship us the goods.

Receive & Process

Piled receives the goods, and begins performing the ordered tasks on the received goods.

Pack & Ship

The goods are packed and stored in our warehouse awaiting shipment to their final destination.

State of the art facility built for performance

Piled’s state-of-the-art facility, situated in Toronto, Ontario, serves as a comprehensive hub for businesses seeking exceptional co-packing, kitting, bundling, fulfillment, and more for their products. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and infrastructure, the facility offers a streamlined, efficient, and professional environment for handling various product-related needs. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Piled’s facility has become a go-to destination for businesses that value precision, reliability, and expertise in their co-packing and order fulfillment processes.

Services we offer


Our co-packing services allow for efficient and cost-effective packaging of your products, saving you time and resources while ensuring high quality standards.


Our expert team manages the entire fulfillment process, from warehousing and inventory management to order processing, packaging, and shipping to both Canada & the U.S.

Kitting & Bundling

Our kitting and bundling services offer cost-effective solutions for assembling, packaging, and preparing your products, streamlining the process and enhancing customer experience.

Labeling & Stickering

Our comprehensive stickering and labeling services cater to a wide range of requirements, from promotional stickers and barcodes to regulatory and safety labels.

Poly bagging & Shrink Wrapping

Safeguard, maintain, and elevate your products with our innovative, state-of-the-art shrink wrapping and poly bagging solutions designed for optimal protection.

FBA Prep

We offer professional FBA prep services to simplify the process of selling on Amazon by ensuring your products comply with their fulfillment requirements.

Hear it from our customers

“The team at Piled was very flexible and adaptive to our inconsistent demand. They were able to inspect, polybag, and package hundreds of thousands of masks within days each and every time we placed an order.”

Danny S.

Fulfillment Manager – SendUsMasks

“The shipping cost to ship our desk mats packaged and assembled was through the roof until we decided to have the mats and their packaging ship flat. Piled was swiftly able to package, label, and send to FBA warehouses within days.”

Ali R.

President – Youri Co.

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